Executive Committee (Trustees)

The Society is managed by up to 12 Trustees, elected by members and operating as an Executive Committee, who hold office for terms governed by the constitution. The current Chair is Andrew Booton.

Executive Committee (Trustees) 2021-22

Chair: Andrew Booton – chair@cheltcivicsoc.org

Vice Chair: Peter Sayers – vicechair@cheltcivicsoc.org

Honorary Secretary: Mike Richardson – secretary@cheltcivicsoc.org

Honorary Treasurer: Claire Attenborough – treasurer@cheltcivicsoc.org

Membership Secretary: Hugh Curran – membership@cheltcivicsoc.org

Heritage Open Days: Sarah Harvey – hods@cheltcivicsoc.org

Tess Beck

Communications Co-ordinator and Newsletter Editor: Steve Bryson – comms@cheltcivicsoc.org

Members with special responsibility

Chair of Planning Forum: Peter Sayers – planningforum@cheltcivicsoc.org

Chair of Successful Streets Group: Hugh Curran – ssg@cheltcivicsoc.org

Plaques Officer: Neela Mann – blueplaques@cheltcivicsoc.org

Recent Executive Committee Minutes

September 2021 Minutes

July 2021 Minutes

June 2021 Minutes

Previous minutes can be found in the AGM and Executive Minutes Archive.