Commemorative Plaques

Since 1980, the Civic Society has been responsible for the plaques scheme that operates in Cheltenham and the surrounding area. It is run according to criteria modelled on those used by English Heritage in London. There are blue plaques for people and green plaques for significant places or events – nearly 60 of them altogether.

Home to many creative, brave and famous people

Cheltenham has been home to many creative, brave and famous people – the composer Gustav Holst, explorer Dr Edward Wilson, Sir Ralph Richardson and other famous names include Alfred Lord Tennyson, Dr Edward Jenner and Brian Jones (late of the Rolling Stones).

As well as significant places and events

Our town has witnessed many significant, historic events such as the first rugby test match. And we’re proud to have a green plaque on the oldest surviving purpose-built Infant School in the country at St James’s Square.

There are specific criteria for plaques, and these can be downloaded here. If you wish to recommend a person or place for a new plaque, please contact the Plaques Officer, Mike Rigby at

Blue and Green Plaques maps

The Civic Society’s Plaques Officer, Mike Rigby, has created two online Google maps featuring all of the Society’s blue and green plaques that respectively celebrate many of Cheltenham’s most notable people plus places and historic events. We think these maps will provide a great resource for anyone wishing to plan interesting and educational walks to discover and learn more about the history of the town.

Click Blue Plaques Map to visit all of the blue plaques – from Bomber Harris to Rolling Stone, Brian Jones!

Click Green Plaques Map to see what events and places are celebrated by all of our green plaques.

If you spot any glitches that need correction, please email Mike on

Our Google map showing the locations of all the blue plaques. Clicking on any of the blue location icons brings up an information panel about the particular plaque.