Corporate membership

Become a corporate member

The Civic Society warmly welcomes corporate members from business, public and voluntary sector organisations in the town. The Society aims to engender pride in Cheltenham’s architectural and historic legacy whilst maintaining a keen interest in current issues affecting the life of the town. On becoming a corporate member your organisation shows its support for these objectives.

Benefits of corporate membership are:

  1. The ability to nominate up to three members of staff who will be eligible to attend our events, and are Civic Society representatives. These individuals receive mailings, post and email. You are asked to nominate one person as the Society’s point of contact.
  2. Nominated individuals have an equal status to Individual Members in all respects (eg pay the reduced entry fee to a talk). At our public lectures (eg Civic Awards and the Paterson Memorial Lecture), any number of a corporate member’s staff is welcome, on payment of the relevant “public” entry fee.
  3. Eligibility for a single vote at the Annual General Meeting (held in March each year).
  4. Participation in the Society’s projects and campaigns that aim to influence the future direction of the town.
  5. Inclusion of the corporate member’s logo in our newsletters and on our web site, with a link to your organisation’s home page.

Corporate members:

  1. Pay an annual subscription (currently £150 per annum). Membership fees are normally payable on 1st January. A standing order to our bank is preferred.
  2. Give general support to our activities, wherever suitable, in organisational publications, internal mailings, staff newsletters and notice-boards.
  3. Provide occasional sponsorship.
  4. Give informal advice on matters relating to their own expertise.

To join us:

Email our membership secretary:

S/he will then contact you to make the arrangements and provide you with an invoice if required.